A Talk on “Women and Economics”at the GJU-YFN Online Feminist Leadership Course

I am very excited that I will be giving an exclusive talk on “Women and Economics” to participants of the GJU-YFN Online Feminist Leadership Course which is run jointly by the Gender and Justice Unit and the Young Feminist Network. Its a great opportunity to contribute, even in a small way, to these organisations’ goal of cultivating leadership in young women activists especially in Malawi. These two organizations are doing so much in a society that is particularly difficult for women on so many aspects, so please visit their websites to find out more. I have had the opportunity to virtually be in a meeting or two with the participants. Seeing and hearing these young women is an encouragement of what change is possible in building more equitable societies.

There is much to be said about the gender imbalance in Economics asaprofession, but also, and just as critical, in Economics asadiscipline. The latter is tackled in the Feminist Economics as a technical subject matter whilst the former is in line with all efforts to bring gender balance in the professional and business world. Crucially, we need economic policy to take into account both the role of women and the perspectives of women.

I look forward to (possibly) sharing more thoughts on this.

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